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We offer website support and very reasonable cost hosting packages. We are always available to answer queries or questions you may have before you choose to work with us. Whether you have an existing website or you want to start a new project our team is here for you. We provide our clients with ongoing support and encourage site updates and changes regularly (inclusive of our management plans).


Which management package is right for you?

We’ve tailored all our maintenance plans to suit every need regardless of style or size website. Whether you’re an individual looking to set up a basic one-page banner site, a blog or a business site we have it covered. If you’re looking for an online shop, e-commerce site or customer ordering system for your business look no further, we can help.

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Why you need a website maintenance plan

Optimal functionality

Having a maintenance plan and website support is essential for your website to function economically and avoid unwanted attacks. Having a well-maintained website ensures you’re prepared for any nasty surprises along the way and that all components are up to date and functioning as they were designed to.

Don’t lose data

Maintenance is something that most businesses forget to budget for after the initial website build, yet this is probably the most important step to ensuring business success online. The dreaded first time you delete your entire home page by mistake, lose your site at the click of a button or fall victim to a cyber attack resulting in hours of lost sales while you’re trying to get the site back up and running, is the time you’ll wish you’d spent the extra monthly fee on maintenance.

Plans to suit all websites

We offer 3 maintenance plans, which all include the basic level support and protection you will need. If you require something a little more bespoke, then our team is on hand to help you work something out that suits your individual needs.

Our website support and maintenance plans

Plan 1

Suitable for a low maintenance website that doesn’t change very often, doesn’t require much hosting space or require much content management.


Plan 2

Suitable for a medium content Management System website (CMS) one that has multiple pages and requires regular upgrades to the system and content.


Plan 3

Suitable for a high content website that requires weekly updates and content management such as a 20 page plus website, online shop or e-commerce website where product updates such as stock & pricing are required frequently along with daily backups.

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