Why do I need a new website redesign and should it be this difficult?

There are good reasons why you need a new website redesign and we’ll consider these first, but no, it shouldn’t be difficult at all, in fact, the entire process should be STRESS-FREE and FUN.


1. Your website isn’t mobile/tablet friendly


Websites which were built more than 5 years ago wouldn’t necessarily have been designed with responsive layouts or features in mind, and a recent study suggests that 55.9% of website visitors view on desktop, compared to 40.1% viewing on a mobile device, so almost half of the websites which are viewed are done so using a mobile device. This is reason enough to make sure that your website can be read and navigated easily so you don’t lose out to your competition.


2.  It needs a facelift

website redesign facelift

Most websites are designed by their owners and some by professionals, but if you’re looking to compete with the thousands of theme design layouts which have been custom-built by professional designers then you need to be savvy enough to know what looks good and know what works well. If you’ve created your own website or got a friend of the family to have a go then you could be out of touch with what works and what looks good online. An unattractive website can make you look unprofessional and out of touch with the modern fast-moving world, we now live in.


3. High bounce rates


If customers are visiting your website but are bouncing off and going elsewhere to find what they want then it’s time for an upgrade. A high bounce rate indicates that your website isn’t useful or doesn’t help your customers and therefore they’re leaving before you can convert them. The best thing about creating a new website is that you can learn from what didn’t work on your old one and redesign your new website based on what customers want.


4. Website management is frustrating


Most websites used to be developed by professionals and most clients needed to ask them to make edits or changes to the smallest aspect of their websites leaving many website owners out of pocket or frustrated. The introduction of content management systems made it possible for the every day man/woman to update their own website as and when they required any changes. However, if your website doesn’t use a (cms) then this is probably the most important reason why you need to update your current website.


5. Your business is too big for its boots


Most small companies start with a simple 5/10 page website and navigation that includes home – about – services – contact. Over time your company will grow and possibly outgrow your current website, so the need for a portfolio page, an online shop for your products, a blog, social media links and much more…may be required.

It won’t be possible to grow your company and feed the demand if your online presence is not performing at the same speed or strength as your offline presence is. This is probably the biggest reason and is a clear sign that you need to start thinking about a redesign which will make it possible to protect future expansion for years to come.


6. Is your website secure and following Google guidelines?


Most websites now have an SSL certificate and HTTPS protection to show that the website is authentic and trustworthy, in fact, this is one of Google’s guidelines and will soon affect ranking resulting in websites being ranked lower if they aren’t displaying a certificate.  Make sure your website is secure and safe to future proof your online business.



At the start of this blog post, we asked the questions, “why do I need a new website and should it be this difficult”.

The points listed above provide you with enough reasons to think about whether it’s time to look at your old website and upgrade to a new one or not. The answer to the second question is NO! It shouldn’t be difficult and we can show you why, with the help of the personal web guys you will get a shiny new website which performs on desktop, tablet, and all mobile devices. We will make the entire website building process a pleasure, not a chore, and the best thing about this is after your new website goes live, you’ll have the know-how and ability to manage everything yourself.

If you want a new website then don’t put it off.

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