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Email is an awesome medium for reaching clients and customers instantly. Emails go straight to the inbox and its ROI is widely reported as being through the roof at 4000%. However, email design and development are often misunderstood and too often done badly. With the recent explosion of smartphones, we’re more often reading our mail on our iPhone or Galaxy, but unfortunately, a lot of email marketing has failed to keep up. We see this as a huge missed opportunity because a well-executed email can be enjoyable to open and hugely successful for you and your business.


If you’ve already tried your hand at HTML email design and development, you’ve probably already established that it can be pretty difficult. And you’re not imagining it — it is quite hard.


The reality of email template design!

When you code for the web, you can at least count on the fact that all of the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera) are trying to adhere to web standards for rendering HTML and CSS.



When it comes to email clients, you’re testing on a huge bunch of old and new programs which often makes design difficult and frustrating. They range from new phones running on Android and iOS to IBM’s Lotus Notes or Microsoft Office 2007 (which infamously renders your lovingly-created HTML with the Word HTML rendering engine. The previous versions of Outlook used a browser to render their HTML — which is actually logical. Why switch to a word processor to render HTML you ask? Well, for “security reasons”, they say). And none of these programs have to adhere to any standards. They basically all just make it up.

If that isn’t bad enough, couple that with the next fact: there are about a million different combinations of ways that email can render on desktop and mobile. So, if you’re thinking of spending the next 20 years testing each one then you better get comfy.


Let us help you create the best email templates!

There’s a lot to take into account when designing and developing HTML email, most of which involves learning new standards and procedures that will take time and understanding to create the best all round email templates. Let the personal web guys take the pressure off! We already know the design flaws and procedures to make your emails stand out above the rest.